The Paleo Cookbook

Loose Weight with the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Cookbook

I recently started doing some research into the Paleo diet and found that many people are loosing weight. It is a rather simple diet and with the right recipes, you can reap the benefits. I came across a great cookbook to get started. I will tell you where to find the Paleo Cookbook and go over the basics if you are new to it.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo Diet, short for the paleolithic diet is also known as the caveman diet, the stone age diet and the hunter-gatherer diet.

The Paleolithic diet consists of foods that can be hunted and fished, such as meat, offal and seafood, and can be gathered, such as eggs, insects, fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices.Some sources advise eating only lean cuts of meat, free of food additives, preferably wild game meats and grass-fed beef since they contain higher levels of omega-3 fats compared with grain-produced domestic meats. Food groups that advocates claim were rarely or never consumed by humans before the Neolithic (agricultural) revolution are excluded from the diet, mainly grains, legumes (e.g. beans and peanuts), dairy products, salt, refined sugar and processed oils, although some advocates consider the use of oils with low omega-6/omega-3 ratios, such as olive oil and canola oil, to be healthy and advisable.

Where to get Paleo Recipies?

As mentioned above, I found a great paleo cookbook set full of recipes. Here is what you will find in the cookbook:

  • You can enjoy eating 375 simple and easy to create paleo recipes including 8 recipe categories and 5 special recipe categories not limited to chocolate and paleo breakfast recipes!
  • You will be able to create paleo recipes that help you to stay away from unhealthy sweets and fried foods!
  • You will receive the three bonus guides: Paleo Guide To Getting Started, Paleo Eating Out Guide and the Paleo Food Guide to help you understand the paleo diet and keep you on the path to following a healthier diet and enjoying improved health.
  • You will also receive the 30-day Paleo Meal Plan that you can follow to fast-track your health, energy, vitality, weight loss and achieve many other health benefits associated with following the paleo diet.
  • My 4 Ingredients Paleo Cookbook consisting of 65 delicious paleo recipes is also yours to download absolutely free! This is the perfect cookbook for quick paleo recipe ideas as well as time and cost saving options.

Free Bonus Books

When you order the Paleo Cookbook, there are now 5 bonus books included to help improve you Paleo Diet

Delicious Paleo Roasts and Paleo Lamb Recipes Cookbooks

Delicious Paleo Roasts and Paleo Lamb Recipes Cookbooks

Delicious Paleo Roasts includes 20 succulent roast recipes including: Beef, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Turkey & Quail.

Paleo Lamb Recipes includes 21 recipes devoted to highlighting the many flavors lamb can offer. These are practical recipes that you can enjoy on a variety of different occasions, with dishes the whole family will enjoy.

Paleo Eating Out Guide

Paleo Eating Out Guide

I’m going to solve the dilemma of eating out at restaurants and caf├ęs for you at no additional cost with the solutions inside my ‘Paleo Eating Out Guide’.

I’m going to show you:

  • How to stay paleo when eating out.
  • Some example meals you can order for a paleo-friendly breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Helpful tips to ensure when you dine out you’re not getting caught out by sneaky ingredients such as gluten and dairy.
  • At the end of this ebook, you will be looking forward to going out instead of hiding indoors like many restrictive diets would lead you to doing.
Paleo Food Guide

Paleo Food Guide

Just in-case you’re thinking the paleo diet sounds fairly plain in regards to food choices, I’m throwing in another bonus. Because if you simply expand the category of vegetables alone you have hundreds of choices for flavor and texture combinations to choose from.

This Paleo Food Guide will be your best resource for all foods paleo that will help you start this diet with ease. It will also help you to explore new territory within your own cooking and creations. This guide covers:

  • Comprehensive list of paleo foods
  • List of in-season fruits, vegetables and herbs (to stay fresh!)
  • Paleo shopping list
4 Ingredients Paleo Cookbook

4 Ingredients Paleo Cookbook

This is the cookbook that makes paleo cooking easier than ever!

  • 65 easy to remember recipes provide you with fast, everyday paleo cooking options
  • Spend less time in the kitchen and less money on food by preparing delicious paleo recipes in the simplest way possible using 4 popular paleo ingredients
  • No longer will you struggle for ideas to create a quick healthy meal!
30-Day Paleo Meal Plan

30-Day Paleo Meal Plan

125 recipes from the Paleo Cookbooks have been expertly collated in this 30-day Meal Plan. Full of color photos of delicious paleo recipes, the plan provides a kick-start for those new to the paleo diet, and offers new exciting ideas for existing paleo diet enthusiasts.

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